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The Origins of Singapore’s Togel in Indonesia

RELIABLE TOGEL BANDAR – Lottery games are well known in Asia, including in Indonesia to date. The word lottery itself is from the abbreviation of dark toto which means guessing the secret number.

In Indonesia there are two types of lottery games namely land lottery and online lottery. Before the existence of the internet network, residents in remote areas of villages, sub-districts, districts and provinces bought lottery from the airport. But along with the development of the era of the internet network into all corners of Indonesia, as you know the land lottery game began to be abandoned by some circles and turned to Bandar Togel Online with a variety of arguments and conveniences offered by the trusted lottery website.

One market that is very popular with Indonesian residents is Singapore Togel. Singapore Pools is a subsidiary of the Tote Board and was established by the Singapore government since 1968 and is the only toggle organizer legalized in Singapore law.

The purpose of the establishment of the Singapore Pools is to fight the lottery mafia that is on the rise in Singapore at the moment and to channel surplus profits to Singaporeans.

More than 300 branch offices and official retail outlets that operate offer lottery games such as Toto 4D, Singapore Sweep, Sports betting for soccer championships, motorbike racing programs, and also horse racing betting. Every year lottery screenings are conducted more than 250 screenings at independent public accounting firms and in front of Singaporeans. Prizes will be paid immediately and will be given up to 180 days to claim the prize. This is done with a high standard of integrity and security.

Singapore Togel has repeatedly updated TOTO’s game rules since it was founded in 1968. The last change was in 1997 and in October 2014 the changes were made again and the change was in the number of balls from 45 to 49 balls.

In Indonesia, Togel Singapore originated from a legal movement to contribute to the sports movement in the 80s, known as SDSB (Donated Social Funds with Prizes). Along with a number of protests from various social and religious factors, finally the logo in Indonesia was stopped and everything about white ticket gambling was banned.

The lottery gambling players who already have hobbies playing lottery results add to his liking to guess Anka by doing clandestinely. From this hiding activity, the result of this gambling is called lottery or dark toto.

Here are some reasons that encourage people to play lottery at Bandar Togel Online :

  • A tantalizing advantage
    By only buying Rp 1,000 and the guessed number is 4 digits. If the player succeeds in eating, the player will get a prize of Rp. 3,000,000. For 3 digits you can get IDR 400,000 and for 2 digits you can get IDR 70,000. and supported by various types of games

  • 4D discount is given : 66%.
    3D: 59%
    2D: 29%

Tricks done by Togelers

  1. Counting the numbers that come out
    this trick is a trick done by togelers, whereas in mathematics any lottery numbers will never be able to predict
  2. guess
    not necessarily just counting together, lottery can be guessed in unison by the togelers
  3. Using Dreams
    Togelers often play beyond reason, dreams are made to be the right way to place lottery bets

Based on Search Engine data on Google, there are three (3) countries that have an interest in finding news about lottery, namely: Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

And according to Google’s biggest search in the territory of Indonesia for the keyword lottery from 2016-2017
1. Papua 100
2. West Papua 45
3. Maluku 42
4. North Sumatra 29
5. West Kalimanta 26

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