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Stuck at home and looking for a handball game to watch? Here are some classic matches available on ehfTV that can be watched anytime.

Note: There is nothing about the result/score of these matches for a reason. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s all new to you.

Classic ehfTV matches

  1. Semi-final of the Final Four 2014: FC Barcelona against SG Flensburg: video link
  2. 2016 Final Four Women’s Championship Match: CSM Bucharest vs Gyor: video link
  3. 2016 Final Four Championship Match: Kielce vs. Veszprem: video link
  4. Final Four Championship 2017: Paris SG vs HC Vardar: video link
  5. 2018 2nd Leg R16 Veszprem vs Skjern: video link
  6. Final Four 2019 semi-final: FC Barcelona vs HC Vardar: video link

Note: If you know of a great match on ehfTV that should be added, please email me at or send me a Tweeter.

Classic EHF CL matches available on YouTube

  • 2003 EHF CL Championship: Montpellier vs Portland San Antonio 1st round 2nd round
  • 2009 EHF CL Championship: Kiel vs Ciudad Real: first leg and second leg

Classic international matches available on YouTube

  • 1980 Olympics Final: East Germany vs. Soviet Union: link
  • 2004 Olympics women’s final: South Korea vs. Denmark: link
  • 2007 SF World Championships: France vs Germany: Link
  • Final of the 2009 IHF World Championships: France vs Croatia: Link

Big EHF Champions League matches we’d like to see that aren’t currently available

  • 2004 1st and 2n/a Stage championship: Celje vs Flensburg
  • 2005 1st and 2n/a Qualifying stage: Montpellier vs Flensburg
  • 2010 2n/a Qualifying stage: Montpellier vs Chekhovskie Medvedi
  • 2012 1st and 2n/a First leg: Fucshe Berlin vs Leon Ademar

Major international matches we’d like to see that are currently unavailable

  • QF Olympic Games 2004: France vs Russia

Note: If you know where these matches can be seen online, please email me at or send me a Tweeter

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