“I have a pure passion for this sport”

ehfeuro.eurohandball.com: What are your expectations for this EURO EHF? If you manage to go all the way, you will become the first player, male or female, to win the trophy six times.

Katrine Lunde: I don’t think about it too much. Of course, that would be good, but this championship is also very important for the Olympic Games in Paris. We will try to do everything to succeed. We know it’s going to be tough because there are a lot of good teams at this EHF EURO. We already have two wins in Group A and hopefully we will win against Hungary too. This would give us a small advantage in the main round because we would also transfer these two points.

ehfeuro.eurohandball.com: You’ve been asked many times before, but will we see Katrine Lunde break another record at the next EHF EURO or World Championship? Do you even think about retirement?

Katrine Lunde: Of course, I’m starting to age, but my body is still working very well (laughs) so I’m happy about that. I love being here, with the girls and our coaches. It gives me a lot of inspiration and energy to work in everyday life. On the other side, of course, I would love to be with my family, but I still can’t see myself stopping at handball. I also can’t say that I will want to continue for two or three more years. So we’ll see. We never know.

ehfeuro.eurohandball.com: Speaking of your family, what does their support mean to you? Is your sister Kristine still your go-to person for a conversation?

Katrine Lunde: Family means a lot, it’s the most important part of my life. Not only for the support, but also for helping me take care of my family and my daughter Atina. My husband Nikola (Trajkovic) is a football coach, so he is also abroad. I need a lot of help from my family when I’m also away playing EHF Champions League, training and national teams. Of course, I can always call my sister to discuss anything handball or non-handball related.

photos (c) Jure Erzen, Sasa, Sasa Pahic Szabo / kolektiff