Krisztina Pigniczki’s love for coaching

Handball became an integral part of his life very quickly and from Szeged Pigniczski soon signed for Győr. A place where, somehow, everything has changed.

”At the end of high school, I was already a member of the Hungarian national YAC team. I told myself that now I had to take it even more seriously. It was a big moment when Győri ETO wanted to sign me when I was 16. My parents didn’t want to let me go but the club came back the following year, and I said yes. From that moment, my main goal was to become a professional athlete.

Over 11 European seasons, Krisztina Pigniczki has played in all levels of European competition. She was twice Hungarian champion and cup winner, more than nine times in the top three and had huge success with Hungary. She played for three clubs: Győr, Dunaferr NK (DKKA Dunaujvaros KA) and Issy les Moulineaux (Paris 92).

Are there any regrets?

”I am absolutely satisfied. A victory in any European competition would be nice but I’m not disappointed. I wanted to be champion of Hungary and I succeeded. I wanted to win the Hungarian Cup and I succeeded. They were big goals in my life, and I was desperate for them, I wanted to succeed. Later, when I went to France, I learned a lot of things and it helped me a lot in all aspects of life.”

His national team achievements have put Pigniczki in the history books of Hungary. Three-time Olympian and silver medalist at Sydney 2000, three World Championships and a silver medal in 2003. Krisztina Pigniczki ascended the European throne in 2000, competed in four EHF EUROs in total and has two bronze medals . A national team career that everyone would be proud of.

”I am extremely proud to have been able to be part of this extraordinary time, which has been very successful for the national team. Obviously, it would be better if I could say that I am an Olympic and/or world champion, but I don’t feel like I missed anything because I have a silver medal in these two competitions. In life, we often say to ourselves: OK, next time we will be better, but in sport, there is no next time. You have to be the best now, not tomorrow or later. I mention it to my players as a coach from time to time.