Liverpool should be ready for the authorities’ visit as images emerge

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and the rest of the Premier League managers are set to be visited by referees in pre-season to clarify reckless challenges and handball law.

That’s the view of former FIFA and Premier League referee Keith Hackett, speaking exclusively to Football Insider as Liverpool resume pre-season training ahead of the 2022-23 campaign.

The club confirmed via a video on Twitter this Monday, July 4 that the technical staff and non-international players had returned to their AXA training base.

The Reds kick off their 2022-23 campaign with the Community Shield against Man City at the end of the month (July 30).

“Look, there’s not a big change in the laws of the game, but I think pre-season is absolutely the window of opportunity for referees to humanize their position,” Hackett said Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“Going to clubs, I would suggest that they talk about what is a reckless challenge and what endangers the safety of an opponent and handball. Those are the two basic topics.

“The change around substitutions is not really their problem to a certain extent.

“I think those two aspects that create a lot of tension and a lot of discussion need to be discussed.

“That’s what we were doing. The complication sometimes with pre-season meetings is the tours they do.

“What we’re doing is telling the Premier League three dates, three different venues in the south, the Midlands and the north and telling the managers ‘You’ll be attending one of these three meetings’.

“The agenda is the same, they could watch bells and challenges and they can be on screen.

“Then the referees and a referee coach for integrity can then come into the clubs. It’s just common sense.”

Separately, a 21-year-old Liverpool player has agreed a deal with a Premier League club.

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