Netball MVP of the Season Shakira Nasaka, inspired by her mother, aspires to reach greater heights

Most sportsmen on the other side of the divide around the world boldly attest to having maneuvered in modest circles.

It is the small, desired steps that virtually precipitate development and virtually act as the firm ladders that elevate these different personalities.

Ugandan rising netball player Shakira Nasaka has her own rich story to tell.

Nasaka, 24, a strong defender who plays for Makindye Weyonje Netball Club in the national super league.

Shakira Nasaka receives her MVP accolades from Minister of State for Sports Hon. Denis Hamson Obua (Credit: David Isabirye)

She was recently named the most valuable player of the season (MVP) as well as the most outstanding defender in the entire league.

Nasaka came out on top ahead of teammate Asinah Kabendela and Margaret Bagala of the National Insurance Corporation.

Nicknamed Shalton, Nasaka’s mastery and aggressiveness on the pitch also stood out to be emulated and adored in equal measure, key attributes of which she is boldly proud.

“I am always focused both in training sessions and competitive matches. I always played seriously, whether in training or in matches, and I commanded the baseline as well as the rest of the teammates with passion,” Nasaka confessed.

Shakira Nasaka plays for Makindye Weyonje in the Netball Super League
Nasaka holding the ball during a competitive league game

First years :

Nasaka was born on the 5thand child born in the family of 7 out of 28and June 1998 to Siraje Bwanika and Amina Namubiru in Rubaga Division, Kampala City.

She started her elementary education journey at Nateete Modern Primary School.

It was at Nateete Modern Elementary School that Nasaka’s netball journey officially began.

For O-level studies, she studied at Star Geeza High School and moved to Ngando-Wamala Butambala Secondary School for A-level studies.

She is now a student at the University of Kampala and is participating in a Bachelor’s degree in Information Secretarial and Office Management, currently in the first semester of the third year.

Shakira Nasaka defends against a shooter

Mother Inspiration:

Nasaka was inspired by mother, Amina Namubiru, who was also a netball player.

“My mum inspired me to play netball. I always looked up to her and imitated her. She didn’t go further with the sport like me who played for super division clubs and recently called up in the national team. So, I trained hard to achieve my dreams” Nasaka speaks boldly of the mother.

Shakira Nasaka

Netball course:

Throughout his sporting life, Nasaka started playing netball in primary school, went on to high school and also served as a captain at Kampala University.

She also first played for Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) and now Makindye Weyonje Netball Club.

His future plans and ambitions are deeply rooted in remaining actively in the sport to serve club netball and the national team.

Shakira Nasaka (right) with Men’s MVP Bashir Matovu during the recently concluded Netball Awards at the Imperial Royale Hotel. (David Isabirye)

I want to stay focused and determined to play netball to greater heights and turn professional in the best leagues in the world. I also want to remain a dominant figure in the Ugandan national netball team.

Shakira Nasaka, Netball player Makindye Weyonje

Any day, she would prefer a well-cooked meal of rice and meat.

Reading the Holy Quran and swimming are an integral part of his ordinary day.

Besides netball, she is also engaged in the disciplines of basketball and handball.

LR: Margaret Bagala, Asinah Kabendela and Shakira Nasaka, the three nominees for the MVP gong that Nasaka won. (UNF)

The future is definitely envisioned as bright for Nasaka if she stays on track with commitment, passion, determination, zeal, diligence and enthusiasm towards the sport.


  • Full names: Shakira Nasaka
  • Nickname: Shalton
  • Parents: Siraje Bwanika and Amina Namubiru
  • Date of Birth: 28and June 1998
  • Place of birth: Rugaba, Kampala
  • Education: Nateete Modern Primary School, Star Geeza High School (O-Level), Ngando Secondary School – Wamala Butambala (A-Level), Kampala University (Bachelor of Secretarial Information & Office Management)
  • clubs: UPDF, Makindye Weyonje (Current)
  • Inspired by: Mother (Amina Namubiru)
  • Other sports: Basketball & Handball
  • Future plans: Remain a dominant figure in the Uganda National Netball Team and play professional netball in the top leagues in the world
  • Favorite meal: Rice and meat
  • Hobby: Reading of the Koran and Swimming