Northampton Handball Club women’s team promoted to first tier after winning regional league

A Northampton handball team have been promoted to the top tier after securing their place as regional league champions.

Northampton Handball Club, which trains at Moulton College, was established in 2018 originally with a single women’s team.

In 2018 the team won the women’s shield cup and after a long break during the pandemic the club bounced back stronger and the team won the northern and midlands league in the 2021/22 season beating competition from seven other regions. teams.

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Northampton Handball Club women’s team have been promoted to the Premier League.

Club president Karolina Kotlowska said: “The women’s team has recently had success with back-to-back championship wins over the past two years in regional leagues, which has seen them promoted to the top leagues. English in the Premier League. .

“Their hard work and dedication to the sport is increasing day by day and their successes are becoming visible.”

The team also took part in an invitational tournament in Liverpool, where they finished second to the international team from Norway.

Since 2018, the club has grown rapidly and has since expanded to include a men’s team and a children’s academy, aimed at children under the age of 14.

Northampton Handball Club is always on the lookout for new players.

When Liverpool were invited, a girl who started at the children’s academy played in the women’s team.

Now the club is looking to grow further and show more people what the sport is all about.

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Karolina added: “The main reason for the success of the club is to spread the love for the sport.

“Everyone is welcome at Northampton Handball Club, of all ages.

“The children’s academy is a great way for youngsters to learn the game and hone their skills, especially as the sport is becoming more and more popular in the region, with primary schools even taking part in the sport during the class hours.

“We welcome new handball players and experienced players, even after a long break from the sport.”

Anyone wishing to register is asked to send a message to the club on Facebook. Search ‘Northampton Handball’.