Opening of the women’s handball conference in Ljubljana

After the opening, special attention was given to the next edition of the Women’s EHF EURO, which will be held in Hungary, Switzerland and Austria in December 2024.

The program then turned to the more intricate details, with presentations on the preparation of national teams for qualification and the final tournaments of the EHF EURO, the use of handball models for the future, the program EHF Respect Your Talent, the Player Development Journey and the ‘Handball Circle of a Life’ to wrap up Saturday’s agenda.

On Sunday, the day will open with a series of presentations on best practices, including the organization of national teams, the development of handball academies and the presentation of women’s sport. Next, attendees will hear about the role of clubs in strengthening women’s handball and of leagues in strengthening women’s handball.

Presenters include representatives from EHF Champions League clubs Team Esbjerg and Krim Mercator, UEFA, several national federations and the EHF.

“We all think it’s the right time to do more. It’s the right time because in the last two or three years a lot has happened in this area,” Hausleitner said in his keynote speech “Women’s sport is the foundation for the growth of the sports industry.

“It was the Women’s EURO two years ago, at the same time, in December 2020, when it really got dark around the sport because the Covid impacted us all. But it was the women’s teams who held back handball and played the entire EURO in circumstances no one could have imagined, so there’s a lot that women’s handball can and should be proud of.

“Why are you here? To make women’s handball great in the future,” Hausleitner concluded.