RESULTS – Weekend from September 23 to 25, 2022 « Sport Club

Are you lost in the flood of sports information in Reims? Every weekend, Sport Club brings together for you all the results of Reims clubs and athletes, in a clear and detailed manner:


  • D1F (3rd day): Bordeaux 0-1 REIMS WOMEN’S STADIUM
    Reims (10th, 3pts)
  • French Cup (4th round):
    CORMONTREUIL (R1) 2-2 (4 tab 2) CERNAY-BERRU (R2)
    TINQUEUX CHAMPIGNY (R3) 0-3 Prix-les-Mezieres (N3)
    REIMS-MURIGNY (D1) 5-2 Villers Semeuse (R2)
    – ASPTT Châlons (R2) 2-2 (3 tab to 5) REIMS-NEUVILLETTE (R3)
    – Charleville OCNA (R2) 3-0 REIMS THE CHRIST (R3)
    – Chaumont (R1) 0-3 REIMS SAINTE-ANNE (N3)
  • French Cup F (2nd round):
    BEZANNES 2050 (d1) – Buzancy (d1)
    – Troyes (R1) 7-0 AVIZE GRAUVES (R2)
    ST-MEMMIE (R1) 1-1 (tab 3) JS Vaudoise (R2)
    – Nancy (R1) 3-0 REIMS SAINTE-ANNE (R2)
  • Grand Est Cup (2nd round)
    Rethel 2-2 (5 tab 4) NORTHERN CHAMPAGNE
    – Fagnieres 4-1 AVIZE GRAUVES
    TAISSY 0-3 Epernay RC
    – Vitry-le-Francois 2-0 REMOISE HOPE


  • D2 (1st day): Clichy 6-7 REIMS METROPOLE FUTSAL
    Reims (3rd, 3pts)


  • Footgolf cup (26th stage): with the REIMS CHAMPAGNE CREW FOOTGOLF
    ➡ The REIMS CHAMPAGNE CREW FOOTGOLF does a great job Saturday in Mâcon. First in the Coupe de France clubs where the Rémois won in the semi-final against Amnéville. RCCF will face Marseille in the final on November 12. On the footgolf cup, the large Reims contingent scored new important points to try to get on the podium in the club classification. In the middle of a very dense competition where 74 players went under par, the Rémois had to fight to obtain a good classification. Evidence, David LESIEURwith a -1 card only ranks 73rd and Yohann GOUT 65th at -2. In front of them, the other Rémois join the top 40: David Mercier (11th, at -14), Florian WARSEMANN (22, to -12), Michael CAROZZI (on the 24th, at -11), Quentin DEHEZ (on the 27th, at -9), Christophe DELISSUS (on the 28th, at -9), Christophe LECOQ (30th at -9) and Corentin COIRNOT (39th at -7). Overall for clubs, Reims remains 4th just over 1,000 points behind St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, 3rd.



  • Elite (1st day): REIMS METROPOLE VOLLEY-BALL 3-0 Maizieres Metz (25-19, 25-16, 25-18)
    Reims (1st, 3pts)

  • PNM (1st day): REIMS METROPOLE VOLLEY-BALL 3-0 Rantigny (25-15, 25-17, 25-16)
    Reims (1st, 3pts)


  • N1F (3rd day): Dijon 36-27 REIMS CHAMPAGNE HANDBALL
    Reims (4th, 7pts)


  • N1M (1st and 2nd day):
    – The 3-5 test THE RAPTORS OF REIMS
    – St-Medard 4-6 THE RAPTORS OF REIMS
    Reims (1st, 6pts)


  • D2 (friendly):
    PHOENIX OF REIMS 7-0 Amneville
    Meudon 1-0 (2nd TT) PHOENIX OF REIMS


  • R1M (2nd day): Epinal 34-0 REIMS RUGBY STADIUM
  • Federal 2 female (friendly): Parisis 7-40 REIMS RUGBY STADIUM


  • The Bacchantes:
    ➡️ For charitable purposes in the fight against male diseases, the Bacchantes made their big comeback this Sunday morning for a 6th edition, under the sun, at the Parc de Champagne in Reims. 558 participants took the start of this 8km race, but it was Victor Petraca who won alone.
  • Reims meeting
    ➡ It was back to school this Sunday for some athletes at Georges Hébert. The opportunity to get some bearings and have fun before the winter season. Under the sun and sustainable temperatures, Sarah FAUVETof DAC REIMS won the women’s 100m in 12″52, while the young Clara DUMANGIN improved his mark on 800m in 2’23″23. Promising performance also atEFSRA for the youngest Mailice BANNERY, author of 10m80 in the triple jump. In boys, Badou Bosse dominated the 100m in 11″25 and won at 13m40 in the triple jump while Balthazar KADIYOGO stood at 2m02 in height. At the pole, Pierre GEORGES crossed 4m20.


  • N1M (1st day): Issy-les-Moulineaux B 4-8 ORTT REIMS
    Reims (1st, 3pts)


  • Ice Dance Tournament:
    ➡ On the jobBordeaux black meriadeck, the REIMS FUTURE SKATING, the young skaters did well for this back-to-school tournament. In the lead after the compulsory dances, the young Lou-Bella LEMAIRE took 2nd place after the free dance. The Reims club which also won three other podiums in the competition.


  • Grand Prix of the harvest
    ➡ This


  • Boulzicourt cyclo-cross
    ➡️ After winning three times in a row in the Ardennes, Joshua DUBAU this time took 2nd place in this back-to-school cyclo-cross, ahead of Clément Venturini. The reigning French champion in the discipline beat three Belgian riders.