Squad, transfers and goals of the season

Returning to the top flight in 2019, the players of Chartres remain on three fairly average seasons in the league. Despite these disappointing performances in the first division, the Chartrains had a magnificent epic in the Coupe de France last season by reaching the semi-finals against Nantes. What will be the workforce of Chartres next season and what will be the ambitions of the club for this season 2022/23?

Chartres results last season

With a tenth place in the standings during the last exercise, Chartres remains on three seasons to carve out a place in the middle of the table in the first division. Despite a very poor start to last season and two defeats in the first two home matches against Nîmes and Toulouse, the players then took over with prestigious victories, notably in Chambéry or against Dunkirk before the winter break.

The good course in the Coupe de France and the semi-final reached in particular thanks to a success at home against Chambéry were the ray of sunshine of a somewhat gloomy season for the players of Chartres.

Chartres squad for the 2022/23 season

With the formalization last year in Chartres of his goalkeeper Julien Meyer, who will leave at the end of the season for Switzerland at the Kadetten Schaffhausen, the only departures in the workforce are those of the Dane Pedersen, the Serbian Djekic and the Spaniard Barbeito. left for Créteil as well as the young Titouan Afanou-Gatine left for Nancy.

On the arrivals side, the club is strengthening with the arrival of two Serbs, Aleksa Kolakovic from Saint-Raphaël and Ilija Abutovic from Rhein Nekcar Löwen, one of the biggest German clubs. There is also the arrival of 20-year-old full-back Yanis Busselier from Chambéry who will strengthen a squad that will try to aim higher.

Chartres squad for the 2022/23 season:

Guardians: Julien Meyer, Nebojsa Grahovac

Pivots/defenders: Hugo Jund, Adria Figueres

Wingers: Vanja Ilic, Svetlin Dimitrov, Morten Vium, Gael Tribillon

Half-centers: Sergei Kudinov, Aleksa Kolakovic

Rears: Yvan Verin, Matic Groselj, Yanis Bussselier, Ilija Abutovic

Chartres: ambitions and ranking

After a good run in the Cup this season, the Chartrains will need another good performance to progress further and try to aim for a Top 8 in the French championship thanks to the new recruits.

The Chartres calendar for the 2022/23 season

With a Coupe de France match to start the season against Massy on September 6, the first meeting of the French championship will be at home with the reception of Aix for a match that will set the tone for the Chartrain season.

Chartres season start dates:

06/09 – 8 p.m.: French Cup, Chartres Métropole – Massy Essonne

09/09 – 8:00 p.m.: LNH Starligue, Chartres Métropole – Pays d’Aix

The key matches of the championship:

D5 – 08/10: Nantes HBC – Chartres Métropole

D6 – 21/10: Chartres Métropole – Chambéry Savoie

D10 – 18/11: Chartres Métropole – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

D16 – 10/02: Chartres Métropole – HBC Nantes

D17 – 17/02: Chambéry Savoie – Chartres Métropole

D27 – 05/19: Paris Saint-Germain Handball – Chartres Métropole