The three clubs that could be a trade suitor for Matt Crouch according to the former teammate

Former Crow Bryce Gibbs believes there are three clubs in the competition in particular who could use the services of Matt Crouch.

Crouch is apparently on the outside in Adelaide after being dropped several times in 2023, with Matthew Nicks raising concerns about his away game.

The inside bull has played 11 games in 2022 and been dominant in eight SANFL games, and Gibbs believes the 2017 All-Australian has plenty of good footing ahead of him at just 27.

“Sometimes you just need a change of environment, a new breath of life,” Gibbs said on SEN SA breakfast.

“We have seen many players change clubs and change careers, many examples of that.

“I think Matt Crouch still has some very good football ahead of him, and I hope he finds a new team.”

With that in mind, Gibbs has three potential options for his ex-teammate.

Crouch is under contract for 2023 but has already been told to look for a new club as the midfielder has reportedly been told he won’t be offered a new deal beyond next year.

GWS was the first club started by Gibbs.

“So GWS, they’re about to lose Jacob Hopper, Tim Taranto and potentially Tanner Bruhn as well. Matt Crouch is not fast, he is not a high hitting player, he is not a high yardage player, we know that,” he said.

“If you accept that and get him to play with his strengths that are inside midfield, handball, clearer… if you put Matt Crouch in there, give the ball to Josh Kelly, Lachie Whitfield, Stephen Coniglio all of whom have real leg speed, I think he’s just a good fit for the Giants, he’ll fill that hole and you can get him cheap as chips.

He suggested that North Melbourne might also be suitable for similar reasoning.

“Another team I think he can help on a similar basis to North Melbourne. Guys like Luke Davies-Uniacke, Jason Horne-Francis, Jy Simpkin, they all have great leg speed,” a- he continued.

“If Matt can be the in-and-under type player who can get the ball to these guys, get it out there, I think he can have a huge impact on that side.

“He has been part of the Crows leadership group for the past few years so he can bring leadership qualities to this young group and I think he can absolutely be an upgrade on someone like Hugh Greenwood. , which plays this similar type of role in North Melbourne. at present.”

Meanwhile, Collingwood are also in the market for midfield depth. Craig McRae’s side have been beaten often in contested possessions and clearances throughout 2022 and need to find bulls inside in 2023.

“They’ve been linked with Tom Mitchell, they want more grunt inside. Again, Matt Crouch is playing a very similar game to Mitchell, if Collingwood won’t land Mitchell if they’re chasing him why not replace Matt Crouch,” Gibbs added.

“He’s exactly the same, and like I said, they could get him cheaper than they could get Tom Mitchell.

“There are three teams I think he could go to straight away and have an immediate impact. If you just care about his strengths as a player, not necessarily what he can’t do.

SEN S.A. Kym Dillon reported on Monday there was not much interest in Crouch from rival clubsbut a play for the Adelaide midfielder was more likely to come at the ‘eleventh hour’.