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University of Virginia Handball
Front row: Lincoln Ambrose (Fr), Scott Anderson (Sr), Christian Vila (Sr), Kai Milner (Soph), Merrick Furman (Jr), Caleb Capriglione (Fr)
Back row: Marcelo Sleiman Jr. (Fr), John Kretzschmar (Sr), Nicholas Mikalauskas (Sr), Troy Brunson (Jr), Michael Monsen (Sr), Steven Hume (Sr), Taylor Downey (Sr), Ben Kilpatrick ( Fr), Austin Madrzyk (Sr)

UVA left winger and club president Christian Vila joins me on the podcast for a discussion on Virginia handball. Topics include:

  • The start of the UVA program in 2014
  • Their rise through the ranks to second place at the College Nationals last April
  • How playing in the Northeast Team Handball League helped their development
  • The challenges of running a program without a coach
  • What a ‘Final Four’ college handball championship could look like
  • The team’s unique chemistry led by a group of seniors who started together in 2014
  • The challenge of keeping the program going after they leave

The UVA team minus their senior starters. Can this promising team avoid folding like many other college programs in the past?

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